Character design, lay-outs & backgrounds for “Rumours”, a short animation by Frits Standaert.

Review by cinemagazine ★★★★½
“een zeer grappige, cartooneske animatie van de Belg Frits Standaert. Als dit als ‘standaert’ geldt, graag meer van hetzelfde! Acht minuten puur genieten voor alle leeftijden.”


RUMOURS from frits standaert on Vimeo.

Taking advantage of the beautiful summer afternoon, three hares take a nap in the middle of the jungle. Suddenly, a noise rings behind the foliages. Panicked, the rodents flee, entailing in their trail all the animals of the jungle. Only the lion will know how to stop them by revealing, indeed in spite of himself, the origin of the mysterious noise source of this crazy rumour.