In 2004 I was able to contribute to the ‘Residents Commercial DVD’-project. An update of their legendary cult album ‘the commercial album’, which included 40 one-minute songs. The album was kind of a reaction against the stupidity of pop-music (the repetition of ‘verse-chorus-verse’ being reducted to a one-minute piece that could be multiplied by the listener in order to achieve the standard 3 minute song) and the way music was being sold as a ‘product’: ‘the residents’ bought 1 minute publicity slots on the radio and so ‘sold’ their ‘product’ to the public. Fun! While making the animation video for the song I was handed (“My work is so behind”) I imagined reacting in it the same way. I decided to make something completely unexpected for the Residents (who have kind of spooky visuals) and so came up with this ‘childish’ looking animation, including chickens, pinguins and so on. Very un-Residents…, I even expected them to drop the video from the DVD, but they didn’t… The best reaction from a customer being “This video is a joke, isn’t it? I hated it in first, but now.. ven like it!”.
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